Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Notes about the Mikovits/Whittemore talk

Some of us met for lunch at the Santa Rosa Whole Foods (despite the uncomfortable seating) and then lounged in Ward’s spacious van in the parking lot, before heading over to the talk. Judy Mikovits is a dynamo! And Annette Whittemore was also impressive—she had to stand in for Judy, and present Judy’s slides, as Judy’s flight was very delayed (7 hours due to fog—but not brain fog). Judy eventually showed up (at 3:45, after the scheduled end of the talk), and spoke for an hour. Apparently there will be a video of the talk posted on Gordon Medical’s website at some point. And there is supposed to be an emailing suggesting ways we can effectively advocate the NIH and other organizations so that we are speaking with a mostly coherent voice.

A local patient/advocate gave a thorough report on yesterday’s Mikovits talk in her blog:


Here is part 2 of the Mikovits/Whittemore presentation review: http://lannieinthelymelight.blogspot.com/2011/01/part-2-11711-xmrv-presentation-by-dr.html


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