Sunday, April 3, 2011

Community Housing Comes Up Again

i'm having this dream of getting better, at least a bit better and creating a place where cfs people could live while they are sick. there could be amazing caregivers who were educated about cfs, an organic garden to help heal our bodies, and a community.

what do you think, dear friends?
    • Kassy Fatooh I've been dreaming this dream and have talked to others who share it. I have a feeling it will happen some day.
      Amberlin Wu Hug bulletin boards labelled "What I do for Pain/GI problems?migraines" etc. and covered with post-its from all of the cfsers.
      Franky Dolan
      I'm feeling really sick today, and this sounds certainly, like a dream...
      Also, an art room. Or perhaps, we can have our own little art rooms, or a huuuge art room and we each get our sections. There could be a lounge room with a TV and super plush couches to completely melt into. I like that. The yard could have fruit trees abundant. Mmmm, we could pick them and eat them under each tree, in the shade on a sunny day. I actually tingle with wishes, as I think about this dream.
    • Lee Lee Ingram count me in !!!
    • Lee Lee Ingram and we'd need some spunky men to rub our feet and shoulders!
    • Kassy Fatooh I love the idea of having our own private small spaces to retreat to but sharing large spaces such as garden, art room, maybe spa?
    • Amberlin Wu a hot tub under the stars!
    • Franky Dolan Oh yes! Yes to it all... Lee Lee, I am IN big time with your suggestion too. Aaahhhh. We could have body rubs in the hot tub, after retreating to our own spaces... Lovely thoughts...
    • Kassy Fatooh It would be nice if someone well would create it for us! Any takers, out there?

      Amber Alissa Chapman When I win the lottery, I pledge to help you all!
    • Cliff Wang It's the best thing I've heard all day. And you will get better in time.
    • Sarah Goforth I'll bring my roller skates and ELO album. :)
    • Amberlin Wu I'd call it, "Comfort House." ♥


  1. It is an idea whose time has come! <3

    1. This is something I have been wanting for a long time. Is there one that exists? I wish I could find people in my area and we all just rent a huge house and live together. To me it would be comforting and I wouldn't be alone and feel isolated.